1. What is the minimum fund to use your Power Fx Atm EA?
    You can use from $100 cent account, or $1000 on standard account.
  2. How to set up the Power Fx Atm on my MT4 platform?
    Once you have subscribe, you will received instruction on how to set up the Power Fx Atm EA. You need 5 minute to set up, or our team can help you to set up via remote control via team viewer.
  3. Any specific broker’s platform require?
    You'll receive the list of brokers which is tested the best to run the EA.
  4. Do you tell us how to use or what is the best time to use the Power Fx Atm EA?
    Yes, you will receive user guide on how to use it.
  5. I do not have any experience on trading forex, Can I use the Power Fx Atm EA?
    Yes, you do not need to have any experience, Power Fx Atm EA work automatically for you, once set up, click on “auto trading” it will do all trades for you.
  6. Is it any effect on leverage, or VCN account?
    We recommend to run on low spread broker for better performance results.
  7. How many percent can I earn using your Power Fx Atm?
    Power Fx Atm EA can generate in average 80% to 300% per month if you are following our setting parameters. For News Killer EA it will be more than that.
  8. Can I try with a Demo account first or go directly with a live account?
    Sure, you can run on demo after you get comfortable with our strategy and its trading psychology. Once you happy with the performance results, you can decide go on live account.
  9. What is the best Time frames to use Power Fx Atm?
    It can be use on any time frame.
  10. What is the Pairs of currencies to use Power Fx Atm?
    Power Fx Atm EA can works on all Forex pairs and commodities.
  11. Why your EA price is higher compare to others?
    We guaranteed you the great performance result, if you compare to the profit that generate for you daily, the price is cheap. You can earn back the EA cost in couple of days. Off course you can get cheap EA on market which is low quality that can blow your account in hours. But ours is profitable making real money for you every day.
  12. How to become your partnership on the business?
    We are decided to help more people worldwide to make money on Forex market, If you are marketing development elite, you have strong marketing customers base, We are welcome you to join us to explore the worldwide market using our sure win Forex system.
  13. By joining as your business partner, Earning Million Dollar is not a dream? Is that true?
    Yes, Since we have developed a consistent and stable Forex profit system, we can use the system to help the Forex traders and Investor to make money for a living, and this is a earning big money opportunity, Every one need it, we are pay out Profit sharing from 20% to 50%, this will make you earn millions if you are the pioneer marketing leadership.
  14. Do you provide free version?
    Yes, of course – we provide you free for all under our account management service
  15. How do I contact you?
    You can use the form provided on our website, or reach us at below:

    Email: msapp888@gmail.com. Or Skype ID: powerfxatm

    We will get back to you very soon.